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Transpersonal Counseling:

Individuals, Couples, Family and Groups

A balance between our Aloneness and Togetherness,

Healing our self, our connection to Spirit and our relationship to one another.


In 1990 a popular Psychology magazines, stated that the “Golden Years of Psychology” were over. Many insurance companies had cut benefits for Counseling and Psychotherapy. The “buzz” of psychology and the interest in Psychology seemed to take a “dive” and many Counselors, Therapists and Psychologists had a dramatic reduction in their private practice, to the point that many of them had to find other ways to earn income. It was a silent yet dramatic “crash” in the profession of Psychology. In its wake, many therapists had been finding traditional therapy taking too long, and new and updated methods to get clients through counseling faster broke way, as now the insurance companies that did still provide “psychotherapy or Psychiatry” for their policy holders, began limiting visits to sometimes only six visits, where as before a client could attend therapy and have coverage for the period of time needed to heal and recover from a particular diagnosis, or at least receive therapy on a long term basis if needed. The profession of psychology needed to reach deep into healing theories to help people in a brief amount of time, unless clients wanted to pay for their ongoing sessions.


Things like EMDR and Thought Field therapy where used. The profession itself also seemed to be more focused on resolving issues of pain and emotions, by looking into core issues and beliefs of individuals, rather than the “Freudian” type model, many people think of when “hearing” of Psychology. However, for quite some time Psychology had been evolving regardless of insurance companies or the misperceptions of the general public. More awareness also began being placed on Couples and Relationship counseling, as the divorce rate in our country continues to climb. In some of these newer paradigms of emotional and psychological healing, dialogue and conversation, not just looking at ones past, held the capacity to help couples and individuals with their therapist in group to learn to speak and communicate in nurturing ways that helped individuals to heal, in ways they could not by just examining themselves and their past.


Communication became a higher model for healing what couples therapy called the “impasse” in relationships. Books by Thic Na Hahn called this kind of conversation “water one anthers seeds” When we say words of encouragement to others, the positive traits grow and the negative ones seems to drop more and more into the background. As we complain less about others shortcomings, and begin to focus on the “good” in others, our frame of mind seems to shift and so does the other person!!


There are many, many models of therapy today. The blending of being trained in different models was found to be helpful, but what is most healing, is a well evolved human being, who develops the qualities of compassion as a model for therapy.


Spiritual dimensions to the mind, and how to heal, seemed to be blending both western and eastern philosophies including meditation for individuals to find their way home. Not only did finding the self, become important, but transcending the belief in an individual separate self, needed to be healed. A sense of purpose and connection to all others without loosing ones sense of self, although this self is not a solid identity needed to be integrated into out dated modes of psychology counseling. Giving individuals tools with less analysis and more one-to-one humanness, loving kindness and compassion, seemed to assist individuals more rapidly than traditional therapy. Helping each other by being present with another, and “holding the space”. For the individuals truth and healing to energy without interference, became a mode of counseling, that became every more appealing to me in my need for support and my role as a healer with others.


It is through the integration of western and eastern principles of healing, between meditation and western psychology that I found my life to become whole, even though our day to day existence contain the stress of everyday life on this planet.


Once clients and I integrated the ability to learn meditation, sessions flowed much easier, with deeper levels of trust, safety and connection to healing.


If you are interested in this type of work you will find some good works in the following blend of books and type of work.


Insight Meditation –Seeking the Heart of Wisdom

Imago Work in “Keeping the Love you Find,” by Harville Hendrix PH.D


“ Undefended Love” Psaris and Lyon, Healing the Cracked Identity

Intimacy by OSHO “The Journey of the Heart” The blending of meditation practice with Relationship


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