Transforming Our Lives in Peace

Health Services

Utilizing the alchemy of nature to balance and heal the body, mind and heart




Nutritional Assessment


* Testing and body typing


* Cleanse and rejuvenation diet retreats


* Supplements


* Herbology


* Homeopathy


* Iridology: Iris Analysis.


Therapeutic Touch and Movement


* Body Therapies: Bodywork, Massage, Accupressure, Shiatsu, Craniosacral, Energy Balancing, Breathwork, ReBirthing.


* Hatha Yoga: Private Lessons, Classes, Workshops, Teacher Training, Retreats.


* Wholistic Clinical Dental Hygiene: Consulation on Dental Detox and Cleaning, Professional Wholistic cleanings, Heal gum disease with Essential Oils and Herbs.


Body - Mind Psychology


* Meditation: Mindfulness, Vipassana clear insight, Metta - Loving Kindness, Classes, Retreats,   Satsung


* Counseling: Traditional and Transpersonal approaches, Western therapy in an Eastern context, Individual, Couples, Retreats, Communication Skills classes.


Wholistic Naturopathic Dental Care


* Wholistic clinical treatment for oral health. Gentle healing touch: natural treatment with herbs, essential oils, and homeopathics.



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