Transforming Our Lives in Peace

Liza Szabo RDH, MA, ND


“Liza” Elizabeth Szabo

AKA: "Lizaza" “ZaZa”


Liza specializes in Multiple Disciplines in the field of the Healing Arts with a foundation trained as a Psychology Counselor and Therapist, holding a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology in Marriage and Family Therapy. She is also a Registered Licensed Dental Hygienist and a Board Certified Naturopath in Nutrition by the ANMA.


At the tender age of 16, Liza began helping others as she learned in her earliest years as a child to inspect life deeply. She has now been in private practice 25 years witnessing recovery of many peoples’ walks of life. Working with individuals, couples, families, groups and business relationships, she has assisted thousands of people in their journey to health of body, mind and spirit. Her approach includes family and Intimate relationship dynamics, physical recovery of health and illness, Yoga, Meditation and energy healing, and Naturopathic dental care. Liza utilizes many flavors of meditation for herself and clients to strengthening both body and psyche. In sessions she also helps others define their purpose and mission and assists in designing a lifestyle that is congruent to their direction. One of Liza’s first experiences at age  20 in private dental practice was that of personally contracting Mercury poisoning... This lead her to participate with the pioneers in developing models of safety in the field, as well as nutrition and detoxification approaches that she experienced first-hand before researching and publishing for the field and the public.


These Works were spread through Professional Seminars, Journals and Newspapers, a Publishing Company and Book, TV and radio programs and assistance with development of state laws such as “Informed Consent” for the health of patients. This work has helped clients reverse health ailments such as MS, cancer, and multiple generative issues and mental health afflictions. She worked directly with world re-known Biological Medical Dental clinics in this endeavor. Over time in working with clients and her self, a natural healing process unfolded in Liza’s observation regardless of the type of treatment used. When partnering with others in sacred session; with attention to witnessing, a path of wisdom would naturally unfold. She experienced full healing and recovery for herself and others from deep states of pain and suffering. There at times became no need for manipulations of body and medicine used so often today. Instead, insight attained directly by the client would naturally unfold when control of the “thinking” mind was relinquished. A higher healing took place and sometimes spontaneously. Now, joined in a sacred session with others, Liza utilizes both dialog and moment-to-moment attention to the unfolding essence of ones being that is brought forth when one opens to suffering, allowing higher consciousness, love and the supreme God to penetrate ones heart and mind. To go beyond our victim-hood stance of disease and frustration we can be elevated to the appreciation of remembering why we are here; to love and to share.

In her research of Both Eastern and Western Medicine, Liza found in many texts the cultivation of these higher states called the “Brahma Viharas” (loving kindness, compassion, Equanimity and Joy) When the principles were practiced by herself, her teachers and her fellow friends and client, she observed and experienced great healing physically, emotionally and spiritually, even when other “methods” of medicine and or healing have failed.


Liza began focusing on either sitting silently together or engaging in a process of investigation and sharing ones truth, a person’s real living connection reveals itself bringing happiness, peace and harmony. What once was confusion in the mind now becomes a clear mirror of understanding. Liza also assists clients to” tune” into the chakras and to address what is being activate in ones life to bring understand and balance to “what” is arising. Through investigating our direct experience, we begin to see the feminine and masculine polarities within which allow us to integrate changes in becoming whole. We can understand the relationship dynamics in current circumstances; open to them and develop levels of intimacy for health and well being. Issues of grief, loss and pain, are transformed to joy, bliss and Open heartedness. Liza imparts this way of “living” by practicing and teaching empathic and non-judgmental sharing of ones thoughts, emotions and beliefs, so that they may be accepted by the individual and transcended to a state of self-acceptance, love and happiness; rather than that of struggle and pain.








Liza grew up with beautiful parents who had fought for the right to survive after growing up in the Holocaust. Their level of having touched the depth of suffering, and the ability to maneuver in danger with psychic sensitivity created an intense environment for her family to delve deeply into the meaning of healing ones life. Her parents taught her the meaning of gratitude for what is, and the awareness that life is impermanent in the physical world and that reaching for the highest possibility of freedom is not only possible but our birthright. Liza’s Father kissed the ground of the Colorado Rockies and blessed her birth saying “we have come this far” and now our children experience freedom. Liza’s mother and father taught her early the beauty of being in a safe, breathtaking world. Their wish for themselves and all Beings was the release of war and bondage and opening to the preciousness of love in this life. What once was tragedy become a passage for her family to develop the deepest desire for peace and transcendence of the mind states that cause us to bring harm to others and the planet. As a teenager Liza studied the psychology of healing in an attempt to understand the experience of war survivors, or those who had stress disorders so that she may help her family and herself. This lead to a passion for a life of service and Opening to the abundance of Gods divine love and blessings. Liza is grateful to have others to share this dharma with. “When we sit together in silence we find the ordinariness of our experience and desiring more than we have drops away to appreciation” Without harnessing the mind of always ‘wanting this or that” there is a tension that is unresolved. That does not allow us to experience deeper levels of healing” Liza invites others to slow down, breath and listen to the answers within. Finding oneself, here and now, I ask myself  “why just do something, sit here, that’s the beginning, but not the end.


“Take refuge in the three jewels’

the Bhudda, the Dharma and the Sangha

May you Be Safe and free From Danger

May you have Physical and Mental Happiness

May you have Ease of Support

May you be Liberated

May you be Happy"



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